This is a blog where we call the world's youngest oppressors out on their privilege and explain why their blatant abuse of others is not okay at any age. Remember, intent is not magic! There is no excuse for the horrid behavior displayed by these bigoted youngsters.

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12th August 2012

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I have a friend named Jim who is forty five years old. Jim, who works at a middle school, has said that a lot of the students there - twelve, thirteen, and fourteen year olds - are dating. He’s also said that he’s seen on some of their Facebook pages that they usually identify as straight, gay, and bisexual.

Recently, Jim was seriously upset about something, and when I asked him what was wrong he said that he had seen one of the students, a thirteen year old straight girl, post that she would never date a guy Jim’s age. This was really hurtful to Jim, because he doesn’t think it’s fair that someone would write off someone they would usually date just because they had an older body.

I agree. If you’re a straight girl, you should be willing to date all men, regardless of the details of their body that they can’t control. If what you really mean when you say “straight girl” is “I would only date men with young bodies” then you’re not really a straight girl. The girl that upset Jim identified as “straight,” but she really should have indicated more specifically that she would only date boys her age by saying what she really was - a pedophile.

So, people under 18, please stop calling yourselves gay or straight or bisexual or any of those things if you would really only date someone who was also under 18. You are not straight, or gay, or a lesbian - you are a pedophile.  Please indicate so when you talk about your identity or shut the fuck up and get out because that’s really hurtful and deceptive to people like Jim. Thank you and have a nice day.

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